Minor Trauma

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Minor Trauma

When you have an injury that needs medical care but isn’t a life-threatening case, urgent care at EMC Express Care in North Richland Hills, Texas, is the place to visit. Walk in or call ahead to be seen by Luke Kehres, MD, and an experienced provider team. The practice offers comprehensive care for sprains, cuts, burns, and other minor trauma. Call to find availability for an appointment, or walk in today. 

Minor Trauma Q & A

What is minor trauma?

Minor trauma consists of injuries that aren’t life-threatening but can be painful and pose a risk of complications. You need to get proper medical care for minor trauma, but they aren’t severe enough to require an ambulance call or emergency room visit. 

What are examples of minor trauma?

Examples of minor trauma include: 

Soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue damage, like a strain or sprain, can cause immediate pain and swelling. If you experience a muscle pull or tendon tear near a joint, you should visit EMC Express Care to rule out a fracture. 


If your soft tissue trauma is severe, the team can help you ease immediate pain and immobilize the injured area until you can see a specialist.


Fractures, or broken bones, need immediate care to immobilize the area, assess any surrounding tissue damage, and determine if you need advanced care, including surgery. Seeing an urgent care specialist when you suspect a broken bone helps the area get the treatments needed for optimal healing. 

Cuts and abrasions

The providers at EMC Express Care provide treatment for cuts or serious abrasions caused by a fall, knife or tool injury, or another type of accident. The urgent care team can halt intense bleeding, thoroughly clean the wound, remove any debris, and place stitches when needed. 

You may also need a prescription antibiotic to prevent infection.

Minor burns

The team at EMC Express Care offers treatment for burns that are three inches in diameter or smaller. Burns can cause severe pain and blisters that can be alleviated with professional care. 

How do you treat minor trauma?

Treatment for minor trauma depends on the type and extent of your injury. The EMC Express Care team may recommend over-the-counter medications, icing, rest, and movement modifications for sprains or strains. Fractures require a sling or cast. Depending on your case, soft and hard tissue trauma may require referral to a specialist for follow-up.

If you have a cut or puncture wound, your provider offers disinfection, tetanus shots, and stitches. Burns benefit from a salve and proper dressing. You’ll learn how to care for your wound at home to prevent infection or complications. 

Minor trauma needs immediate medical care. Call or walk into EMC Express Care to receive the proper treatment to avoid complications and expedite healing. You can also request an appointment online.